University of Wisconsin–Madison

Conference Submission Guidelines

  • General Submission Guidelines

    Each submitter is limited to one (1) paper submission in which the submitter is listed as the primary author or coauthor.

    All submissions must be submitted via the online submission portal by 11:59pm CST, April 1, 2018.

    You must be registered for the Annual Conference on South Asia and have paid your registration fee by the April 1 submission deadline in order for your submission to be reviewed by the Conference Committee. Failure to register may disqualify you from consideration for acceptance by the Conference Committee.

    If your submission is not accepted for presentation at the conference, you may request a full refund of your registration fee. Please note that the deadline for requesting a registration refund is September 15.

  • General Abstract Requirements

    Abstracts should be 200 – 300 words in length. Your abstract may not exceed 300 words.

    Your abstract should indicate a research question and clearly articulate the means and results of the conducted research.

  • Symposium Submission Guidelines

    To propose a Symposium (formerly known as ‘PreConference’), you must submit:

    • A 200-300 word abstract
    • A preliminary list of speakers (subject to change)
    • A preliminary schedule (subject to change)
    • Justification on how the content of your proposed Symposium warrants more time that a panel or double-panel would allow

    Please note that you may request a 1/2 day of full day Symposium.

    A full day Symposium is 8:30am – 5pm
    A half day Symposium is either 8:30am – 12:15pm or 1:45 – 5pm

  • Panel, RoundTable, & Single Paper Submission Guidelines

    To propose a Panel, RoundTable, or Sinple Paper, you must submit:

    • A 200-300 word abstract

    For Panel Submissions, each presenter must also include a 200-300 word abstract (aside from the group abstract) for the individual’s work to be included on the panel. Panel organizers should coordinate these submissions.

    Panels must have a minimum of 3 presenters (including the Organizer/Chair) and may not have more than 5 presenters (including the Organizer/Chair).

    Panel Organizers will automatically act as the Panel Chair should the panel be accepted for presentation at the conference. A separate Panel Discussant can also be chosen if the organizer so chooses.

    Multi-Part Panels: In some rare cases, panel organizers collect enough papers around a topic to propose a multi-part panel session. Panel organizers may only propose a two-part session, and there is no guarantee that both parts will be accepted to the conference. Multi-part sessions must still abide by the structure of panels. If presenters drop out of a multi-part panel, and one panel falls below 3 presenters, the conference organizers will cancel that portion of the session.

  • Film Submission Guidelines

    To propose a Film Screening, you must submit:

    • A trailer/short clip of your film
    • A summary of the film
    • Main discussion points of the film