Association Meetings and Special Events

Various associations hold important meetings at the Annual Conference on South Asia by coordinating with the Conference Coordinator to reserve space and time in the conference program. If you have any questions about planning an association meeting during the Annual Conference on South Asia, please email the Conference Coordinator.





Important information for Association and other Meeting organizers:

1. Requests for meetings at the Annual Conference are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. The conference committee strongly requests that meeting times do not overlap with panel sessions, or special events, in particular: All-conference Dinner (Thursday), Keynote Address (Thursday), and Plenary Session (Friday).

3. The Madison Concourse Hotel does not allow any group to cater food from vendors outside the hotel. If this is an issue for your group, please contact the Conference Coordinator to discuss alternative meeting locations.

4. A small service charge applies to room reservation for Association Meetings; this service charge covers the additional cost of room rental and staff time for coordinating logistics of your meeting with the Concourse.

5. Once your meeting is approved you will have the option to request additional AV, food, and room arrangements with a member of the Concourse banquet staff. Please do not contact the Concourse staff directly before your event has been approved.

6. If your event is a reception and open to all conference attendees, we suggest that you consider submitting an Advertisement in the program book so that your event is highlighted.