Thursday, October 22, 2015
Capitol Ballroom B


8:30-8:45                                             Welcome 

8:45-10:30 Trafficking Gestures

8:45                                                     Katherine Zubko, U North Carolina, Asheville

Not Just Lovesick Anymore: Gestures of Bharatanatyam      

9:00                                                     Harris Solomon, Duke University

Small Movements: Gesture, Traffic and Trauma in Mumbai

9:15-9:30                                             Discussion

9:30                                                     Lauren Dean, U of Illinois, Chicago

                                                            Keeping Women in Their Place: Public and Private Spaces on the Mumbai Local Train

9:45                                                     Rashmi Sadana, George Mason University

                                                            In the Ladies Coach of the Delhi Metro

10:00                                                   Discussion 

10:15-10:30                                         Coffee/Tea break

10:30-12:00 Neoliberal Bodies and Identities

10:30                                                   Holly Donahue Singh, U Michigan

Bodies and Bonds in Motion: Reproductive Migrations in Contemporary India

10:45                                                   Rupa Pillai, U Oregon

Nurturing Feminisms through Bodies: Indo-Guyanese Practices of Yoga in NYC

11:00                                                  Suparna Chatterjee, Xavier College

                                                           ‘It’s not Newtonian Science, It’s just Survival:’ Recasting
                                                              Women at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Some Contexts and Considerations

11:15-11:45                                         Discussion

11:45-12:30 Experiencing Moments Through Visual Media Arts

11:45                                                   Nirmal Raja

Memory, Movement, Location

12-12:30                                              Discussion and morning wrap-up

12:30-1:30                                           Lunch

1:30-3:00 From Wives to Lovers

1:30                                                     Saumya Saxena, University of Cambridge

Cultural Identities and Social Justice: The Story of Sati in Contemporary India

1:45                                                     Rumya Putcha, Texas A&M

Performing the Modern Wife: Taste, Class and Caste in Global South India

2:00                                                     Discussion

2:15                                                     Kareem Khubchandani, U Texas, Austin

Dancing Against the Law: Critical Moves in Bangalore’s Queer Nightlife

2:30                                                     Sneha Annavarapu, U Chicago

“Behave Yourself”: A Tale of Public Displays of Affection in India

2:45                                                     Discussion

3:00-3:30 The Body in Dance: Performance & Discussion

3:00                                                     Aparna Sindhoor

                                                            Courtesans’ Conversation

3:15-3:30                                             Discussion

3:30-3:45                                             Coffee

3:45-5:30 Nirbhaya

3:45                                                     Harleen Singh, Brandeis

December 16, 2012, Rape in India: From Street to Stage to Screen

4:00                                                     Krupa Shandilya, Amherst

Victim or Agent?: The Politics of Movement in Yael Farber’s Nirbhaya

4:15                                                     Sharvari Sastry, U Chicago

The Eponymous Public: Identification and Anonymity in the Nirbhaya Movement

4:30-5:30                                             Discussion and afternoon wrap-up

5:30-7:00                                 Feminist Preconference Reception