Special Friday Lunch Session: Private Universities in India

 Friday, 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Wisconsin Ballroom

Please join us for a special lunch session on Friday, October 27 for a discussion on private universities in India!

Boxed lunches may be purchased on the conference website for consumption during the panel.

The panel has two goals: to alert American scholars to the presence of many new, private universities in India and to present information on the new opportunities for teaching and service they are creating.

Philip Lutgendorf, President of the American Institute of India Studies, will discuss relationships that have been developing between the AIIS and Ashoka University, New Delhi.

Howard Spodek, Professor of History, Temple University, and Shrenik Lalbhai Chair Professor at Ahmedabad University, will discuss opportunities at Ahmedabad University.

Ashutosh Sohoni, Associate Professor, College of Education and Development, Bowling Green State University, will discuss his own and his university's experiences in engaging with Indian universities.